COLD WEATHER TIPS – keep your pets warm and well over the winter months. | Orange Veterinary Hospital

COLD WEATHER TIPS – keep your pets warm and well over the winter months.

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Have you noticed that your four legged friends are not moving as freely, struggling to stand or lie down, have gone off their food and not as playful? These are all signs that your pets maybe feeling the effects of cold weather. We are here to help! There are lots of options available depending on the individual circumstances, please call for an appointment for a winter wellness check and make sure your pets are comfortable this winter.



Carrying extra weight over winter is not going to protect your pet from the cold in fact you are placing you pet at increased risk of diabetes, arthritis and heart conditions. A warm coat, clean warm bedding and a kennel are far better options than an additional layer of fat. We love Yuppy Yaps dog coats, locally handmade, excellent quality. Find Yuppy Yaps on Facebook.



Elevated beds are preferred, also heated packs are a good idea but do not put directly against the skin, wrap in a blanket or towel. We have a special range of osteo beds which helps your pet rest more comfortably assisting with arthritic & joint pain (lumbar, hips & knees) and pressure points. They are great for large breeds and older dogs.



A 10-20 minute walk will do wonders to get the blood pumping and help protect against the cold, you and your pet will both feel better.


Joint Supplements

Joint Supplements really assist with joint pain and are formulated to target the cause not the symptoms. These products are available over the counter so come and speak to our staff and make your pets comfortable this winter.